Just another day

The weather was neither one thing nor the other today although it finally settled into a mostly sunny/windy sort of day. Went for a walk this morning, having got up at 8.15 am and got on with dusting the upstairs bedrooms, I reckoned I earned it. Went up the hill, turned left at Broomhill Cross and then cut across the fields to Johns ex house (fire). On the way I saw two Roe deer, a mother and her young but couldn’t get closer than a field away as the wind was blowing in the wrong direction.

When I got back I mowed the lawn in the lower garden, sorted the potatoes for storage and dug up the remaining potatoes (Lady Balfour and Picasso). I found some netting I had used on the strawberries so I used that to cover over the central bed in the top garden as the rabbit has been back. We shall see if it does any good.

Hyw has seen an advert for a polytunnel, much cheaper than I have found. I looked at it online but I’m not sure about it, still, I wouldn’t get it until spring so plenty of time to think about it.


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