Tidying up

It is a lovely bright and sparkely day today but we still have quite a wind, although not cold, and sudden, quite heavy showers. In between the rain I have trimmed round all the beds in the vegetable garden and revamped the hanging basket as it was looking a bit sad. I will eventually fill it with plants to go through the winter, perhaps heathers and spring pansies, but for the meantime it still looks ok.

This time when I went to the tip I was looking out for any useful cuttings as the ones I took last time have rooted well. I was not dissapointed and I came away with some lavender ( a deeper purple than I have ) and a different colour buddleia. the only trouble is I can’t tell what colour it is but I do know where there is a Purple Knight buddleia growing on some waste ground, so I’ll get that when I am next on Lords meadow.

Transplanted some foxgloves round the front of the house and added them to the ones that I bought in the garden centre. The Michalmass Daisys are just coming into bloom and so far have resisted getting any mould.

The netting seems to have worked so far but it is early days yet and it does mean I have to wrap it up every night, which is rather tedious.


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