A busy day

I have been experimenting with making my own fertiliser using Comfrey. It smells absolutely vile but I am told it’s the bees knees of fertilisers, plus I can pull up all the Comfrey with abandon and know that it is not being wasted. Unfortunately I have had to abandon the experiment temporarily as Hyw thinks we might need the dustbin I was using to make it in. I didn’t wash it thoroughly enough for him the first time, hopefully second time lucky. I shall go up to the tip and see if they have any likely containers.

Called in on Tuckers this morning and bought some poppy seeds (field poppy)and I also got some of the netting to cover the vulnerable plants from rabbit attack. Have wrapped them up now, so I shall see how long I keep the routine up for. It’s too thick to leave on in the day. I also bought some fleece while I was there.


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