Produce swap

Today Helena gave me these French beans and a cucumber, grown herself, in a polytunnel at the back of John’s house. I reciprocated and gave her some marmalade I had made.

I found more wood on my walk, so brought that home, every little helps, the trouble is it then has to be sawn to fit the stove.

Paul up the road, was trimming his hedge as I passed on my walk, I thought to ask him if he had any Buddleia. As luck would have it, he had the deep purple I was looking for, so I asked him for some cuttings, which he kindly bought round for me. I also went round Paul Butts and got some cuttings from him, if one of each takes, I shall be happy.

I also made some Sloe gin today, 1 litre, so we shall be well stocked come Christmas. Mustn’t forget to give it a shake everyday.

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