Tour of Britain cycle race

Today the tour comes to Devon, a first for the county in that a complete stage is ridden here, culminating at Exmouth esplanade. The race started in Exeter, went west along the A30 to Whiddon Down, across the moors including Haytor and Postbridge, before coming back to Whiddon Down, North Tawton, Bow, Copplestone, Crediton, back to Exeter and down to the finish at Exmouth. I chose to watch from the A377, just before the descent into Crediton and just after the climb up from Copplestone. I was there in plenty of time and was on my own for some time. Gradually a couple of cars pulled up and the Nicklaus and the Butts arrived.

The rolling road block was impressive as were the police outriders who went on ahead, at great speed, to check the road was clear. The race was over for us in seconds, one group of 13 riders came through first followed by the pelleton 4 minutes later. I managed to get some snaps but I don’t think I will rate as sports photographer. The best ones are copied below.

On a separate note, I now have readers in Canada as well as Taiwan! Hi to Graham, join in and add things. More later.

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