The greenhouse

The fact is, that if this winter is anything like last winter, I’m going to have to do something for my more tender plants and the cuttings I have been taking. After much thought, and having discussed it with the bloke at Tuckers, I have made a cross between a cold frame and a green house, all for £12! The solution was staring me in the face, all I had to do was get some plastic and bubble wrap and basically wrap the fruit cage up like a giant birthday pressie, et voila!

As an extra refinement, I have tiled the floor with roof tiles and made some shelves to maximise space. I can’t wait to fill it with plants. I just have to work on the door a little as high winds could cause damage.

I also experimented with opening this year’s Elderflower Champagne. What a catastrophe! It exploded from the bottle and went on and in every surface in the utility room, including the iron. I only wanted to see if it was a bit fizzy, I guess I know now. When I had finished clearing up, and had changed my clothes, yes, they got soaked as well, we had another bottle with our lunch. I think it’s the best yet.

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