A chill wind

There is a definite nip in the air, despite the sunshine, which at times feels as hot as the hottest summer day. On Saturday I mostly did odds and ends round the garden as the rain showers were so torrential when they came that it wasn’t worth doing anything big. I transplanted the Trumpet Vine and put it in the upper garden, round by the telegraph pole. It wasn’t disturbed much as it was in a pot anyway. The grape-vine was consigned to the tip, as was the plum tree. I don’t see the point in using gallons of chemicals to keep something alive that clearly is passed its best.

I have been studying the ‘greenhouse’ and it occurs to me that with a flat roof it will just collect water. Today, it poured with rain several times and I can see I must do something about it or else it will just bust through. I must say I’m pretty pleased with it and it certainly is warm in there.

My grass seed that I put on the raspberry patch has come through already, I also planted 3 rows of winter spinach. The Pak Choi are all germinating nicely in their seed tray.


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