On the road

We have been on something of a road trip this week so the garden has been temporarily put on hold. Instead we have been looking at art and visiting old friends, staying with mum and generally acting like tourists.

On the way to Bexhill we stopped off for the first of our cultural forays at the Pallant House Gallery in Chichester to see a Frieda Karlo and Diego Rivera exhibition. It was very good and a very good gallery, the only downside being you couldn’t get a cup of coffee as it was lunch time and they only did full meals. Frieda certainly did herself no favours in painting and the colour photographs of her showed her to be quite beautiful in spite of the mono brow! There was less of Diego’s work, purely because he was essentially a painter on a much larger scale, still there were one or two I would certainly give house room to.

The next day we went, with mum, to meet up with Mark and Liz at Rye. It was raining lightly when we first arrived but soon perked up and was brilliant sunshine by the time we left. We had a good look around Rye, something I haven’t done for years. Mum and I came acrosss an exhibition of Tony Bennett and Ian Brown. Its good to see that they are both still working and haven’t lost any of their quicky sense of humour, although Hyw didn’t like it at all. I bought a sugar themometer for my jam making and a picture frame for the small print I had got at Rosemoor. We had lunch in the George Hotel and the time flew by. It wasn’t cheap but having said that the wine was expensive so that pushed up the bill. A very good lunch but the waiting staff were a little obtrusive. Afterwards I stopped at the Harborough nurseries where I had bought my first plants when we bought our first house. It was as good as ever and I bought a prostrate Rosemary, 3 euphorbias and a heuchera.

Thursday was a day for relaxation at the local shops in Bexhill. I headed for the house of Cards and mum bought me a very nice handbag.


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