Beachy Head | the tiger inn – info

Friday was sunny so we went to Eastbourne to see the Piper exhibition at the Towner Gallery. We had heard it had an extension but were not prepared for it to be a completely different building, purpose built, in a completely new location. It was an excellent show, very representative of his work, and lots of local scenes. There must have been upwards of 50 large paintings, plus the sketchbooks and tapestries. Afterwards we went up to Beachy Head and on to the Tiger for a quick drink. I had been in touch with Verity about my handbag so we went home via the House of Cards to get some for her to give as Christmas presents. We went out for a meal in the evening at the Thai place, very good.

We left in brilliant sunshine at ten sharp as mum had a bowls match. We were on our way to near Petersfield to visit Julian and Jonquil. I haven’t done that route, Shoreham then A272 to Midhurst etc. for years. It made a pleasant change. We were made very welcome at Julian’s but were pleased to be on our way via the A303 to Devon at about 2.30pm. Its lovely to be again in my comfortable bed. More about gardening tomorrow!

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