Catching up

Having had a week away I am having to do a bit of catching up in the garden. It’s not too bad at this time of year though and I have been able to be fairly leisurely about it. The first thing was to get the cuttings I had taken, potted up followed swiftly by the planting of 30 pansies. Having taken care of that I then spent quite a bit of time working out where to put my new plants. In the end I put the Rosemary in the front garden, 2 of the Euphorbia in the pink bed as the are blue/green foliage with a hint of pink. The other one and the Heuchera I put in the yellow bed.

The next job was to mow the lawn, one day I’ll have a powered mower, but not a ‘ride on’! I managed half of it and I did the rest the next day, plus the front and side gardens, that only leaves the vegetable garden.

I have bought 100 Snowball onion sets from Tuckers so having seen how to do it properly on Gardeners World I set about planting them.I tidied up the bed above the Butt’s clipped the edges and made a journey to the tip. Just time to relax in the evening with my gardening magazine, some retail therapy from the RHS and so to bed. Went swimming this morning as I’ve been insp Laurie’s blog.


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