The sun still shines!

Today we were straight out in the yard as soon as we had eaten breakfast, to paint the walls. Tedious, but it had to be done. We were finished by twelve so I went for an hours walk round the ‘block’. After a quick lunch we went down to Tesco as Hwy wanted my opinion on some new jumpers, needless to say when we got there he didn’t really want it and he got what he wanted anyway.I took the opportunity to buy the food for the weekend and got a good deal on some salmon which I shall cook tonight.

Returned home and mowed the lawn in the vegetable garden as by now the sun had burnt off all the dew. After supper watched two gardening programmes. The first on ITV with Alan Titchmarsh was a bit naff so I probably won’t bother again. Gardeners world was interesting as they were visiting the RHS gardens. Carol Klein was the main presenter, she always makes me smile.

Irene thanked me for the tomato tip today, hers are ripening nicely now and she has been picking them daily. The same goes for our autumn raspberries and, surprise, surprise, we’re getting a second flush of strawberries!

Flu jabs tomorrow, what fun.


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