The flu jab

It wasn’t half as painful as last years and was over in a flash. They still have the same system of different coloured cards, I was blue, waiting in different waiting rooms but it was far less crowded than last year and ran much more smoothly. On the way home Hyw suggested a look round the garden centre and of course I couldn’t say no! I got some more tulips, pictured, which I have put in the front garden and the ‘Angelique’ I have put under the Hawthorne tree. Also purchased a clematis which I have put at the base of the telegraph pole. Can’t remember the name of it at the moment and I can’t be bothered( like that footballer) to go and see, but its yellow and has bell shaped flowers.

This afternoon, as it was too hot to do any real work, I set about taking cuttings of the roses and 3 cuttings of the gooseberry bushes. It will be good if they take but don’t hold your breath, even though I did it like Monty Don. The cutting I had left over the other day when I was doing the Buddleia, and stuck in the earth, seems to have taken!

Annette’s iPad


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