What a palaver!

Early this morning, for me, I got straight onto bottling this year’s sloe wine and the bottle I was strengthening up. I decided to take a photo of it but my camera has suddenly started playing up and they were all over exposed, and not just a bit, I mean like ghost pictures. Not to be foiled I loaded Laurences old camera onto the computer, Verity had sent the bits I was missing the other day, et voila, the sloe gin in all its glory.

Didn’t do much else, baked a tarte tatin with our raspberries and apples, labelled the bulbs and removed the cardboard labels which were doing a temporary job and did some weeding of the bed under the window (Verity’s old room) and the bed along by the drive. Other than that did nothing at all except relax in the sun.

Tonight I was roped in to helping Hyw with Neil and Trudy’s ducks, geese, rabbits and hens. There was no sign of the hens so we assumed they were in the trees for the night but the other birds were a real bugger to get in their houses. I’m sure they’re not in the right ones but it was quite dark up there and we could hardly see anything.

Sloe, sloe, quick, quick, sloe

Annette’s iPad


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