New toy

Our new Bosch verticutter/scarifer arrived today, ordered on Saturday through Amazon. That’s pretty amazing I must say. It arrived at 10 am. just as I was getting back from swimming. It works really well as it has a series of blades rather than tines. What does it do? I hear you ask. Well basically it pulls up all the moss and boy did we get some! I’ve only done about a fifth of the lawn so far and I have to empty the large collection box every 30 feet or so, you wouldn’t believe the amount of moss that comes up and I have it on the highest setting. It certainly looks as if I shall have to top dress the lawn.

Its slightly cooler today and although we have had some sunshine, its overcaste now. Today was my 2nd trip to the pool and I managed 24 lengths before I got bored but I don’t seem to move through the water very fast, despite the fact that I was matching the woman in front of me stroke for stroke. I’ll have to look it up on the internet.

Annette’s iPad


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