Clouding over

Went to the dentist today and had my gold inlay stuck back in that had fallen out in the summer, in France. Before that, the sun was shining, despite the weather forecast, so I got on with some more scarifying. It could become quite addictive! On the way back from town I stopped off at Bernaville to see if they had anything interesting, got some more tulips and 1 frittilary bulb but couldn’t afford more as very expensive. Went home via Eakers and bought some silver sand to mix with grass seed and top-soil to top dress the lawn where I have been scarifing. When I got back it was starting to cloud over and the wind was getting up, so I got the plants that need some protection, down by the back door. Apparently we will really notice the difference in temperature tomorrow so I ‘m playing safe.

Alan phoned today and is going to visit this weekend so we are going to the Toad on Saturday.

Annette’s iPad


One thought on “Clouding over

  1. Hi Annette, I know more about you now I’ve read your blog. All very interesting, I liked the sloe gin and Paul the new toy!!! great reading about your neighbours!! bit like snooping!
    Can you send us your email, so we can forward details re our blog x

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