The weather person isn’t always right!

After a swift breakfast, didn’t even stop for coffee, I got straight outside to top dress the lawn before the weather turned bad. Needless to say I soon stripped off my jumper as it turned out sunny with occasional brief showers, so not the armageddon I had been expecting. I don’t know if I was doing the right thing but I mixed top soil with sand and grass seed in the wheelbarrow. It seemed to be quite a good mix but only time will tell.

I transplanted various foxgloves that were dotted around and put them into the bed as you go into the garden on the left, with the intention that they provide some green to complement the alliums. I put the green tulips in the bed at the top of the steps and planted apricot and black tulips above the Butts. The frittillary uva-vulpis were dotted around the rudebeckia in the orange bed. I can’t wait for spring!

After lunch I went for my daily walk and took the camera with me in case I should see anything unusual. I didn’t see anything to send to the papers but I quite liked this picture of the White’s sheep. They really are hefty buggers. They keep saying that this winter will be harsh, just like the last one. If the holly berries are anything to go by then start stockpiling the provisions now. Apparently Gwil and Lol may be home for Christmas, what a shock to the system after months of heat and humidity. See their blog pages at

Last night we all assembled over the pub to see the photos (as a slide show) that Howard had taken. His camera is much better than mine, I think that will have to be top of my Christmas list. Its pouring with rain now, but the sun is shining, it looks magical. There is talk of doing a repeat of the Party in the Park on June 2 2012 as it will be something to do with the Queen, jubilee or suchlike. Can’t say that the Queen does anything for me but it would be nice to do it again.

Out for a meal with the girls from work tonight. It will be good to catch up as I haven’t seen them for some time.

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