Verity picking sloes

On Sunday we went to Croyde Bay and a stroll up to Baggy Point, all was going well until I suddenly had an attack of vertigo and had to turn back. The others came back too and we had a coffee in a cafe overlooking the bay. The weather was pretty good and yet again the weather person seemed to have exagerated or the news on the radio is too general.

We did the pub quiz in the evening and thanks to Mo and Verity we did very well ( 100%) on the anagrams. We tied on the anagrams and came 2nd on the quiz as a whole, so a good evening’s work.

On Monday, we went into town and Verity got some 2 pairs of glasses(NHS) and very good they are too. Matt and Mo had to go back to London in the evening, an all too short visit although it seemed a reasonable break for them.

Tuesday morning, Verity and I went swimming, and then later on that day, we went for a walk and picked some sloes for her to take to bath with her.

Wednesday, we went into town for her to visit the dentists, then we met up with Hyw and had lunch in Cafe Rouge. Afterwards, Verity and I went round the shops to try to get her some boots. Got a very nice pair in Raw and then it was time to dash to the station.

When I got back home, I stripped the beds and did the washing. I think I’m all up to date with the news. Tomorrow I must see to my neglected garden!

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