A sunny day

Today was very bright and sunny again, but a cold start and it won’t be long until the first frost. There was also a considerable dew so I dutifully did the housework until the sun had burnt it off. I then went and inspected the garden and found that the onions I had put in are well established, as is the winter spinach. The pak choi on the other hand is almost non existant so I don’t know if I should blame the rabbits. They are still coming, but seem to have given up eating the new plants so fingers cossed!

The grass, where I scarified it and put on top dressing, is doing really well and all of the grass seed seems to have taken. I immediately got the machine out and worked on another patch, I should be able to top dress it tomorrow and the seed should take as long as the frost holds off.

This afternoon I did some cross stitch as Verity thought the cards I had made should sell. She has taken about 20 back to Bath so we shall see. Its clouded over now, 4.30 pm, still dry but rain threatens so I shall do the strawberries I have picked and then get the washing in.

Annette’s iPad


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