Hanging basket – take two!

On Saturday morning, as it was bright and sunny, I went for a walk in Eggesford Forest ( the first forestry commision plantation ). I was the only person there and at times it was a bit spooky but I had my camera and phone with me so I took some snaps of the motte and bailey castle that is there and tried not to think about rapists etc. There were notices up at the entrance to Heywood Forest saying that there had been a number of illegal raves in the forest but I couldn’t see any sign of where abouts they might have been.

After my walk I went to Eggesford Garden Centre for a mooch around and to get some ideas for Christmas. They are having a craft fair next week so I might go along. While I was there I had an idea for replanting the hanging basket for the winter months. Below is the result.

As I was replanting the basket I also took the opportunity to take some cuttings from my scented leaf geranium. As usual I had seen it on Gardeners world so I was anxious to give it a try. Of course I won’t know if it has worked until next spring.



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