Unseasonable weather

Today, despite the occasional gust of wind, it has been very warm and sunny. I did some lawn mowing in the lower garden and round the top by the raspberries, which I picked again, and on top of the bank. The scarifer is having a positive effect and already the grass seed is coming through where I sewed it and even where I didn’t, the grass is outgrowing the moss.

We went for a pub lunch for a change, and had a chat with Peter H. Then back for a bit more lawn mowing until I ran out of petrol.

Yesterday, Neil came round to saw up some of our logs. I stacked them in the log store but that’s now full up and there are still quite a few left to do. We must do them soon or else they will be too cold to chop safely. Hyw reckons he can do the rest, we’ll see.

Its quite windy out this evening, I expect there will be loads more leaves for me to rake up tomorrow!

I’m planning a trip to Italy for mum and I next year so I’ll get back to studying the brochures, half the fun is in the planning.



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