Today, winter has come. It is pouring with rain and hasn’t properly become light. With such a grim day there was nothing left but to decorate the sitting room. We of course had to have a written plan of campaign to ensure that we didn’t forget anything! We cleared the room of furniture and put the sofas and the book cases in the middle of the room. Then we sanded down the skirting boards and I got on with washing the walls while Hyw sealed one or two spots. Then we painted the ceiling, we haven’t finished yet, it takes ages but we are doing it carefully so hopefully it won’t need a second coat.

We have taken down the curtain poles and decided to have curtains in the bay rather than outside. I’ll probably go to Heathcoats for the fabric or Pinhoe. I also want new sofa covers and perhaps a white coffee table, we’ll see.

On the gardening front, my Frittilary bulbs have arrived, its just typical that I can’t get out there to plant them. At least the lawns got mown. Cooked some of the apples and froze them but I still have basket loads left – you can’t give them away round here as everyone has their own fruit trees.



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