Decorating – the story continues

Today we went up to Homebase in Tiverton to get some blinds for the sitting room. We successfully chose some we both liked, without coming to blows, the fitting was a different story!
Whilst we were there, we also went round the gardening bit, and just as luck would have it, there was a sale! I bought a pampas grass, 2 red hot pokers, and a weigelia.

We decided to do the easy window first and Hyw promptly gave me the wrong measurement ( we were working in cms) so the blind was cut 10 cms too narrow. Luckily for Hyw, because I could have strangled him, it just about fits the 2nd window in the room. Anyway, they’re up now and don’t look too bad.

Yesterday was bright and sunny so we finshed off the ceiling and I put the furniture and bits and pieces back. Then we went to lunch with Justin at the Lymington Arms. We all had a most agreeable lunch and a very good price too. Back to Justin’s for coffee then we carried on getting the house straight.

Stan moved his furniture and belongings up to Maggie Richardsons house but I think he spent the night at Cove Cottage. I rescued his roses and offered to give them a home until he is sorted so at the moment they are heeled in. Its a shame as one of them is a David Austin rose but it has really been starved all summer.

Watched Gardeners World in the evening, the last one until next March, what shall I do?



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