The craft fair at Eggesford

The clocks went back last night so we got an extra lie in today. The sun was shining again and so I planted the pampass grass and the other plants I got yesterday. I managed to split the pampass grass so I got two plants for £2!

I put the first coat of paint in the fireplace, it is a sort of Jade green and quite a bit darker than the blue that it replaces. Second coat tomorrow so I can’t judge yet if it works or not.

After I finished painting I went up to the craft fair. It was positively heaving with people and I thought I would go along to support them! One or two nice stalls including a bloke who made hand made chocolates, I bought 6, a potter and a woman who produced hand made soaps. She did lots of other things as well but I decided to give it a go and make some things myself. Here is the result, a door stop, fully lined etc. the ribbon isn’t staying but I have got to buy some more twine. I also made a doll but I might send it to Gwilym to remind him of me!



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