Got up early and went swimming. I didn’t really feel like it, despite the fact that the sun was shining, however when I got in the water it was quite pleasant. I managed to swim faster today but am still quite a bit slower than some of the women there.

Went shopping in Tesco afterwards and got a bag of 50 bulbs for £2.50. They are mixed daffs so I will put them up by the Catalpa, some in pots and the rest on the bank above the drive.

I didn’t feel like planting them straight away so I tidied the shed, changed the sheets on the bed and set to, making the mittens. They are not bad for a first attempt but I did initially line them with velvet, which made them too small. Also, the design, which I appliqued onto them, isn’t that good a position. Oh well, you live and learn.

Have got a scrabble game which Gwilym recommended. Having worked out how to use it I’ll have to wait 12 hours for him to have his go!



2 thoughts on “Mittens

  1. I’m now 8 hours ahead, but the best time for me to play “live is around your 2/3pm GMT. I’ve emailed you some tips of swimming despite it mainly being front crawl. Do you have to pay for the swimming? Get dad going!

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