Log cabin patchwork

Yesterday we went to see Tintin at the cinema, despite my reservations, I was instantly won over and didn’t mind at all that it wasn’t in the comic strip style. The bit at the beginning is in the style of the comic books, and uses very beautiful colours, but it is a bit too fast, I wanted to take my time and look at all the drawings! Actually, that was a problem with the whole film for me, I wanted to luxuriate in the skill, not helter skelter on to the next shot.

Today my project is patchwork quilting. Whilst I waited for the paint to dry on the door I got out my bag of scraps and set about doing a log cabin patchwork. I had seen how to do it in a book called The Crafter’s Companion. Ed by Anna Torborg and it certainly is quick, even though I don’t have the rotary cutter that all the books talk about. I am quite pleased with it so far. I am already planning the next project based on a quilt I have seen in The Weekend Quilter, Ed by Rosemary Wilkinson.



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