Gwilym’s birthday and other things

Have been very busy the last few days with crafting and other such delights. Have made the blanket for mum and these cats! On Thursday we went to South Molton to the patchwork shop and then for a meal in the town at The Stumbles restaurant. At the patchwork shop I bought a white fleece material to back mum’s blanket with.

On Friday I went into Crediton to pick up the papers for our holiday in Italy but they weren’t ready yet. Went on to Tesco and bought a number of useful things for the stock cupboard in case we get snowed in again. I also bought a plastic snow shovel, just in case. Today I have been busily wrapping up the plants with fleece as I am not taking any chances this year. The rabbit will go mad as he won’t be able to get at anything.

It was such a fine day today that I went into the garden and did quite a bit of work. Neil came round and removed a stump that I had decided to remove. It couldn’t be dug out completely so he took his chain saw to it.

At 1.30 pm we assembled in front of the ipad for a skye call to Gwilym and Lol as it is Gwilym’s birthday today. Happy birthday Gwil – we will see you soon at Christmas.




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