Quilt for Matthew

This is the quilt I have made for Matthew. I delayed putting it on here until he had received it, which he did today. He wanted high contrast and bright colours, I think I managed to do that with the fabrics I had. I made this differently from the first one in that I worked in that I worked on all the squares at the same time/stage. With the first one I did it just grew like Daisy, according to what fabric would fit in where. This is much more ordered however putting it together required quite a bit of thought and also some creativity as again I was getting low on some fabrice and it had to fit the wadding I had.

On the gardening front, we had our first frost today. I have been sweeping up the fallen leaves every day, so I’m not neglecting it. I looked in the ‘greenhouse’ today and I think I have got 4 Buddleias that have taken. The seeds I collected are doing well, especially the Lychnis.



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