Warmest November!

It is official, in Northern Ireland and Wales, its been the warmest since records began. They are still forcasting a cold winter, I just hope it waits until after Christmas.

We went up to Bath on Tuesday to see Verity and Goethe’s Iphenagia, sorry about the spelling if that’s wrong. It was great and a very nice intimate theatre too. Verity subsequently saw the actor who played the lead in Waitrose, and complimented her on her performance. The play was very accessible and not at all what I had been expecting. It was a very demanding role as there were loads of long speeches but they weren’t at all heavy.

On Wednesday we had lunch with Rich’s parents before we all had to go our separate ways. A very nice lunch it was too, as was the lunch the previous day when we had sushi. It was delicious but it is very easy if you are greedy like me to let the choice, and the cost, run away with you.

Since we have been back I have completed Laurence’s quilt, I’m pleased with the pattern but having stitched it to the backing its a little wonky due to the stretchy nature of the back. Still, I don’t suppose Lol will mind.

When we were in Bath Verity and I went to various fabric shops and to the market where I bought a basket to keep my sewing stuff in. Its already full but it looks a lot neater. We still have the green box but thats just for household mending now! My fabrics I have managed to fit into a crate so I’m looking tidier all round.

Yesterday I went into town to try to get dictionaries for the language school as they are so expensive in Taiwan. I was 100% successfull as they were less than £1 each. I’ve got 12 but they are very light so they may want to buy more. It’s December already, I can’t believe they will soon be here for Christmas, not that it is any different for us as they would normally all travel down for Christmas, it is just a bit further. Matt is buying a suite this weekend so he has had his Christmas money from Hyw early, and I took Verity’s parcels up to Bath for her so we are left with a very meagre showing!

Talking of Christmas, I must start planning the menu and thinking where to put the tree(s). I must also get around to changing the description of this blog.

Patchwork for Laurie



One thought on “Warmest November!

  1. The quilt looks lovely. Is it too much work Fiona and I to request one. If it has become a chore then I understand. Perhaps you could fashion a special quilted kindle case with a built in screen protector/flap that has a hard bit of protection in it. Just a thought. X

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