Can’t wait for Christmas

I haven’t been writing much lately as I have been so busy with trying to get all my sewing ready for Christmas. I finished the last quilt yesterday so I have been able to put the sewing machine away for a bit. The last quilt is for Gwilym, not as big as Laurences but just as interesting in its own way. I’ve incorporated some of the fabric I got in Bath and I decided to use pure cotton batting which I got from Heathcotes, along with some lovely fabric that I got reduced. I won’t put the picture up yet as it is for Christmas.

We went to Stan’s party at the weekend and it turns out that Margie Widger is a big fan of patchwork. I hotfooted it along on Sunday to see her quilts and they are very splendid, especially a handmade one. I asked her about her quilting circle but it seems that they go to a class in Exeter and it is at present full. The other thing is that Margie did not think I would like it as everything has to be done properly. Given that I had just finished telling her that I made it up as I went along, I can see her point. The other thing is I work very fast, she couldn’t believe how many I had done so I don’t think her class is for me. I’ll carry on with books and the internet but it would be nice to go to fabric shops with someone.

All the Christmas decorations are up now, I’ll post a picture in a minute. We look very festive. I’m going to make a festive garland tomorrow if my oranges have dried out. Yesterday I made some marmalade, half the batch had whisky in it, and I used up some cooking apples by making a Chutney with dates and peppers. Everthing set first time as I was able to use my themometer that mum bought for me in Rye.

We are expecting high winds if the weather person is to be believed and so we went up to the loft to try to stop the drip that has been staining our ceiling. We had just finished that job, when a massive articulated lorry came through the village with a trailer full of straw. I’ve never seen such a vaste vehicle. Needless to say, it took off the corner of our roof when it was trying to turn round. Stan has been to look at the roof and will repair when the weather is fine, I just hope that the wind doesn’t get under the tiles.


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