Some exercise

I have been so busy with making things recently that I haven’t been out for a walk for ages so today I decided to rectify that. First of all though I needed to bake a bread pudding as I wanted to try out an idea and use up the remainder of the cooking apples. By the time the bread pudding was cooked Stan had been to make the roof weather tight and the sun had just come out, so armed with trusty camera I set off up the hill. Needless to say,I took so many photos that by the time I got to the crossroads the next lot of weather was coming in from Dartmoor. There appears to be snow on the high moor, just as long as it stay there! My battery had run out so I decided to walk back down before I got soaked. I just made it on time before the heavens opened. Had a nice bit of warm bread pudding whilst I reviewed my photos.

Before the rain!



One thought on “Some exercise

  1. It actually looks like its snowing on the website because of the flecks of dandruff that appear on the screen. Lets hope the snow and ice stays away long enough for me to get home. I dont want a repeat of last year.

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