Gwilym’s quilt

It has been some time since I last made an entry, Christmas has been and gone and tomorrow is New Years Eve. Everyone arrived for the start of the festivities on the Wednesday before Christmas, although sadly we were not complete as Verity went to Sheffield on the Friday. Still we kept in touch by skype and felt almost as if she was with us.The boys are back from Taiwan for the holidays and we have a lot of catching up to do.

Here is the final quilt I made for Gwilym. I have got a lot better as I have gone on and have some nice fabrics, some of which I have incorporated in this quilt.

We had some nice presents for Christmas, which we opened in the afternoon and made more of a day of it. The weather was really mild throughout and also really grey, so although we weren’t cold neither did we feel inspired to go for a walk or take any exercise. I made a lamb dish for our lunch, which was quite nice but I didn’t think it was very succulent, despite all the booze that was in it (1/2 bottle of port, 2 bottles of wine and some brandy). It was a bit like a big lamb shank!

Barb and I went out into town on the Wednesday after Christmas. It wasn’t too crowded and the weather did lift a little. We both got some jumpers in Marks and Spencer and Christmas cards for next year! Hyw and the boys went to see the new Sherlock Holmes film although Matt stayed at home as he didn’t fancy it.

Barb went back home yesterday and Matthew went at lunchtime today. The boys are going to London to see their friends for the new year so we will be going over to the New Inn for a meal with the rest of the locals.

Last night, we were all invited to Paul and Irene’s for drinks and nibbles, which was very pleasant. The boys told of their travels and compared notes with them and Matt was talking about his job, which has been made permanent.

Well, that was a quick run through the holiday, I’ll write more some time, at leisure, as they say.



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