Country quilt

Well I am quite overwhelmed by the response I’ve had from all you fellow crafters, and all because I posted some of my cards on Handmade Monday
I hadn’t realised how ‘powerful’ this web/ blog site was – after months of writing this primarily as a way of keeping in touch with my children, suddenly I find myself introduced to a whole group of people! Over the coming weeks I will be visiting all of your blogs so please don’t consider yourself slighted if I haven’t got back to you yet.

I spent all day (apart from cooking meals) making the quilt that so many of you were kind enough to comment on. Today, after a quick trip to the hair dressers and the Impressionist Painting show, on at the newly opened Royal Albert Museum, I went over to Margie’s to get some advice on hand quilting but she was out! I can’t wait for her to get back from her daughter’s house, so wish me luck – I’m going for it.



The second photo is to give some idea of the backing. Its got the cotton batting and the rest is scraps from my collection. One or two of the pieces are Moda that I got in a sale at South Molton, the rest are dress fabrics I liked the look of.


I won’t be building snowmen yet

Not much happening today, I’m a bit inbetween projects so I started sewing my hexagons together, just for something to do really, then I got the inspiration to make a country quilt and this time, I’ll actually quilt it. I didn’t start it until after supper tonight, so its only at the very beginning stages. As usual I couldn’t wait, so I experimented with some applique that will form part of it.

VJ sent me some links to some Canadian blog sites and I submitted a picture to Handmade Monday
It is a really good blog, so if you are into craft blogs, I suggest you pay a visit.


Its late now, so I think I’ll turn in. I’ve just looked out the window, and there is a light smattering of snow on the ground, but I don’t think it will come to much.

Cold, but sunny

Not much to report today, cooking in the morning and decided to fillet the trout like they do on Master Chef, by cutting through the back of the fish. It was pretty easy actually but I needed to get a decent pin boner as its murder on the fingers. Hyw was going into Crediton, so I jumped in with him and bought myself some needle nosed pliers at £3 rather than get some from a specialist shop. The man from Adams said that he uses them at home and they are just fine and don’t rust or anything. We shall see.

Yesterday we went to the Vue and saw George Cluney in the Descendants, it wasn’t bad but a bit too sentimental for my taste, mind you, I still cried!

VJ sent this photo of the gallery today, she seemed to like the cards and here they are on display.


In case you haven’t been paying attention, mine are in the second row from the bottom.

Baking day

I don’t know what it is, but as soon as I start a diet I get a renewed interest in baking. Today was no exception, I decided to blind bake a sweet crust pastry and use my new baking beans. Mary Berry would have been proud of me, deliciously thin pastry, cooked on the bottom, so that it was crisp and they all came out of their tins without a problem. I was quite proud of myself. Some are using the lemon curd I made, some with mincemeat and some with strawberry jam.


I was going for walk today but after a lengthy phone call, the weather set in and it really came on to rain hard. Unfortunately the rain is again getting in the roof somewhere so Dave has got to take another look. The afternoon having become dull, I continued with my sewing and then made a Bolognese sauce for supper. I went to Slimmers World again this week but despite being terribly good I have only lost 1/2lb this week. I was so disappointed I came home and had a quarter of a tart and some low fat custard!

新年快樂 新年快乐


Qin came across last night with this plate of delicious Chinese dumplings, stuffed with prawn, pork and spring onion. We had some of the to eat right away and the rest we shall have tonight. They are home made and the ‘dough’ was delicious.

I finshed my card making project by using up the cards that I had fingerprints on, and cutting them out! They looked really good with the glitter on them so I hastily found a basket for them, made a sign, and took them over to The New Inn to see if they would put them on their bar. Carol said she would be more than happy and suggested I make some Mother’s Day cards as well. I’ll see if they sell first.

Verity rang at lunchtime and asked if I would do AFA I of course said ‘yes’ straight away, it should be good fun although I don’t get paid at all.

Today was my first day in the garden for ages. I did some clearing along the base of the hedge, all the ferns, as it won’t be long until the daffodils start to come out. I also cut out the brambles that were threatening to take over. The sun is out now, so I think I will go for a short walk, having just made a thankyou card for Qin.

Valentine’s day

Today I put the finishing touches, some glitter, to the cards I have been making. I’m fairly pleased with but I’m not sure what Verity will think. Anyway, they’re bagged up now so I shall take them to the Post Office tomorrow along with the birthday parcel for mum. Here’s the finished cards, I’m sending 30 altogether, so, we shall see.




Is that all?

I can’t believe it, only 2lb lost, or 1kilo in new money, its obviously going to take some time and its better off than on, so I shouldn’t complain really. Perhaps I’ll lose a lot next week – well, moving on.

Matt made his flying visit, its good to see him, however brief and by now he should be with Verity et al, getting ready for the party. I’m writing this whilst supper is cooking, after which we will be watching the latest episode of Borgen, the Danish drama.

I have been a busy little bee again today as I have been making cards for Valentines day, not for me personally, but for Verity to sell ( hopefully ), in the gallery. I have done some lino cut ones, its harder than it looks as I always get inky fingers on at least a third, and some more kitch type ones with cut out hearts and red roses.


These are the latest, which are drying as I write, and tomorrow I’ll add the red glitter and bag them up.