All by ourselves

Today was the first full day on our own. We took Laurie and Gwilym to Exeter coach station yesterday for the one o’clock coach to London. They don’t fly out until Wednesday but have to apply for a visa and Lol has to get his teeth fixed. Their bags were pretty heavy and I said I would post Laurence’s quilt to him. Unfortunately it will cost over £50 so I’m afraid it will have to wait until the next time. After dropping the boys off we went and explored the new Waitrose. Needless to say, we ended up buying quite a bit but at least it took our minds off the boys departure.

Almost 48 hours to the second later the internet started working again and at the unprecedented download rate of 5.5 mgbs! What a relief. Thankyou boys for sorting it out. We watched the second episode of Sherlock in the evening – it was much better than last week and a very clever updating of the Hound of the Baskervilles story.

The boys are staying with Matt and Mo in London so they will get to see him some more before the fly out on Wednesday evening.

Verity came down to see the boys after Christmas. We went up to collect her from work, taking the piano for her to try and sell for Laurence. We went through quite a few floods, the worst being at Tiverton where the river had burst its banks. We had a good time with Verity and went ten pin bowling as well as going to the cinema to see the new Mission Impossible movie. The next day we went for lunch in Weatherspoons in Exeter and picked up the Taiwanese currency Lol had ordered.

The boys have been in touch and day one seems to have been a success in that they have paid their £44 for a residency visa which they go back for tomorrow. Laurence has also been to Oxford for his teeth.





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