A bad leg!

Who would have thought it, I just get back into the habit of a daily walk, now that everyone has gone back, and after two days, I am on enforced rest because my left knee has swollen up. After 24 hours I went to the doctor as I thought I ought to have it checked but luckily it is just a bit of fluid on the knee and the knee itself is structurally sound. The doctor insisted on demonstrating to me how a knee works (with a broken model) as if to prove that he can teach too! He can’t, but top marks for trying.

The boys flew out to Taiwan yesterday evening having got their residency visas the day before. They have been staying with Matt and inbetween business, have been catching up on various friends. They have reached Hong Kong as I write, then its a two hour flight to Taiwan and two days in Taipei before flying out for the Island. Lol has not seen much of Taipei so I think Gwilym is going to show him around although it could well be the other way round.

My enforced idleness has seen me catching up with some reading, David Peace, 1974 and The Allotment Chef by Paul Merrett, both of which Matthew bought me for Christmas. I am also doing some more patches for the hand pieced quilt I am doing. Later on I shall go to Slimming World and sign up to lose weight! I did it once before, so I am determined to do it again and be nice and slim for the summer.



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