Writing blogs is addictive it seems!

So Verity has started her own blog, we’ll soon have most of the family blogging and won’t need to speak at all. Her site is initforthehoney.wordpress.com and is a jolly sight more literate than mine.

On the Taiwanese front, its their presidential elections today, so an exciting time to be in the capital. The boys flight to the island was cancelled, due to the weather, so they have booked themselves into a hotel near the airport. Very luxurious, their description, and only about £20 each a night. Presumably they will go tomorrow, weather permitting.

I received my two packs of replacement needles yesterday, for my needle felting. One of the needles had broken whilst I was doing a demonstration for mum, at Christmas. So I have only to think of a new project and I’m off. I am continuing with making the patches for the hand made quilt, I reckon it could take some time as I’m only doing about one and a half a day. Still, its very soothing and I keep trying different combinations of colours, so much for my carefully thought out colour scheme!

Yesterday I was longing to get out, and as I still have to rest my leg as much as possible, I went and sat on the sea front at Exmouth. It did me good to see the sea but I was horrified by the numbers of dog owners there were, and they all seemed to own more than one. After about an hour I got a bit bored so called in to Darts Farm and had a very small portion of cod and chips. I didn’t want to ruin my diet before its even started! Did a lot of “window shopping” but didn’t buy anything except for a ladybird book purse which was reduced, I shall keep my mobile in it.

In the evening I watched the final of the sportrelief bakeoff, I feel inspired to do some baking but the trouble is I’ll want to eat it so I guess I’ll have to wait a few weeks.



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