Sherlock Holmes

Verity has already had two people looking at her blog, she reckons its because she used the word cats as a tag, I wonder if I will get any? If there are unknown readers out there then I recommend you visit her site, it could turn into something very interesting. Enough of a plug, this is meant to be about my experiences.

There was a very heavy frost overnight, luckily I had checked the fleece wrapping around all the plants so I should be ok. The day turned out lovely and sunny but as I am still not up to walking far I decided to go and see Sherlock Holmes, before it finishes at the Vue. It was rather a strange experience as I was the only person in the entire cinema yet when I bought my ticket the guy didn’t say, “sit where you want”, or anything. Anyway I was soon lost in the film so it didn’t bother me at all.

I thought the narrative was much clearer in this one and I love the fact that Watson has a very clear role and is jolly smart. All in all a fine piece of entertainment. The Holmes on telly was by contrast, not half so entertaining though there were outstanding performances by both Freeman and Cumberbatch. Somehow the production values managed to take precedence over the acting.

Last night I was really firing on both barrels as there was a new quiz on about food and I did amazingly well, followed by University Challenge, where again I did well. I don’t know why it is that some weeks you do well and other weeks you sit there dumb struck. I think it started off with Brain of Britain in the afternoon. I shall have to see if listening to it next week proves to be a good warming up exercise.

While I was watching telly I made this ridiculous ‘thing’ – I can’t imagine what came over me!



2 thoughts on “Sherlock Holmes

  1. Tagging a tag about cats is rather too post modernist for me! So you’ve randomly tagged this as ‘cat’ even though your ridiculous thing is clearly a donkey? weird! Plus cheating!

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