Busy Bee

Today I have been very busy as I decided to put all my art work up on the site. I have been fairly indiscriminate as seeing it on the site will allow me to judge it fairly dispassionately and also give me ideas to get going again on some new projects. Some of the photographs leave something to be desired but again, they can be weeded out and retaken at a later date.

I have also been making mum a birthday card and a tiny minature of Manet’s Olympia. I saw the easel for sale in the works for 99p so I thought I would have a go. I’ve since seen that someone is selling them with original paintings on for £19.99!

Mum rang up today as she has heard that she may have the surgery on her knee on the 4th February. I was due to visit next week but I think I may well wait and go over for the surgery, we’ll see.

I am sticking to my diet fairly well so hopefully tomorrow I will see some results. I am eating loads of vegetables, and having a breakfast but somehow I feel hungrier than I did when I skipped meals.

Its getting really warm again, weather wise, and the snow drops are all in bloom on the bank. Tulips, daffodils, bluebells and primrose are all showing through and the primroses have been in flower since before Christmas. The roses haven’t stopped, they’ll be exhausted.



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