The journey start here!

The snowdrops, and other spring flowers I mentioned yesterday are pictured below. When I was driving through Exeter the other day I saw camelias in full bloom, I’m sure they are not usually this early. It is again mild although not the sunglasses weather that Lol mentions in his latest email from Taiwan.

Hyw has gone to the cinema to see the silent movie with the dog that everyone is raving about, by the way, he hasn’t gone to see the dog! I’m cooking lamb shanks for supper, taking photos and generally feeling relaxed. Matthew comes in a few hours for an overnight stay as he’s visiting some courses in Exmouth and Exeter, then he’s up to Bristol for Rich’s Chinese new year party. Gwil is going to the real thing in Kaohsuing!

Four hours to go and then I have my first weigh in at Slimmers World. I have lost weight, the question will be, how much?





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