Is that all?

I can’t believe it, only 2lb lost, or 1kilo in new money, its obviously going to take some time and its better off than on, so I shouldn’t complain really. Perhaps I’ll lose a lot next week – well, moving on.

Matt made his flying visit, its good to see him, however brief and by now he should be with Verity et al, getting ready for the party. I’m writing this whilst supper is cooking, after which we will be watching the latest episode of Borgen, the Danish drama.

I have been a busy little bee again today as I have been making cards for Valentines day, not for me personally, but for Verity to sell ( hopefully ), in the gallery. I have done some lino cut ones, its harder than it looks as I always get inky fingers on at least a third, and some more kitch type ones with cut out hearts and red roses.


These are the latest, which are drying as I write, and tomorrow I’ll add the red glitter and bag them up.


One thought on “Is that all?

  1. Very beautiful, all your work is fabulous! You are very sentitive,creative and a dreamer. Keep going like this 🙂

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