Baking day

I don’t know what it is, but as soon as I start a diet I get a renewed interest in baking. Today was no exception, I decided to blind bake a sweet crust pastry and use my new baking beans. Mary Berry would have been proud of me, deliciously thin pastry, cooked on the bottom, so that it was crisp and they all came out of their tins without a problem. I was quite proud of myself. Some are using the lemon curd I made, some with mincemeat and some with strawberry jam.


I was going for walk today but after a lengthy phone call, the weather set in and it really came on to rain hard. Unfortunately the rain is again getting in the roof somewhere so Dave has got to take another look. The afternoon having become dull, I continued with my sewing and then made a Bolognese sauce for supper. I went to Slimmers World again this week but despite being terribly good I have only lost 1/2lb this week. I was so disappointed I came home and had a quarter of a tart and some low fat custard!


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