Cold, but sunny

Not much to report today, cooking in the morning and decided to fillet the trout like they do on Master Chef, by cutting through the back of the fish. It was pretty easy actually but I needed to get a decent pin boner as its murder on the fingers. Hyw was going into Crediton, so I jumped in with him and bought myself some needle nosed pliers at £3 rather than get some from a specialist shop. The man from Adams said that he uses them at home and they are just fine and don’t rust or anything. We shall see.

Yesterday we went to the Vue and saw George Cluney in the Descendants, it wasn’t bad but a bit too sentimental for my taste, mind you, I still cried!

VJ sent this photo of the gallery today, she seemed to like the cards and here they are on display.


In case you haven’t been paying attention, mine are in the second row from the bottom.


6 thoughts on “Cold, but sunny

  1. Lovely cards – they look super in that display. I’m sure they’ll be really popular. Very impressed by your treatment of the trout – I hate all the bones, so usually eat salmon! Have a lovely week.

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