Craftfair at Westpoint

The weather continues to be very cold but with bright blue skies and no wind. On Thursday I went to the Craft 4 Crafters show at Westpoint, the first such show I have been to. I arrived about 11am and already it was heaving. I didn’t know where to start looking so I turned to the left and worked my way methodically round. About half way round I realised that I wasn’t spending any money and thought I better spend something! My first purchase was some embroidery cotton, then I bought some fat quarters (5 for £4), 2 hanks of wool for my needlefelting and then I fell in love with a demonstration of Angelina fibres. If you don’t know what these are, they are a sort of sparkly candyfloss/angel hair and when you apply heat to them you get a sort of fabric – if you apply heat to them with a wooden stamp underneath, you can get amazing results. You’ll see, as I don’t think I explained that very well. Anyway I had to have some, and some Indian woodblocks, so watch this space! The final thing I bought was a cutting mat, rotary cutter and a ruler. I don’t know what I have been doing not to have bought one before. I just didn’t believe that they could be as good as everyone said. Anyway, I am now a convert and my cutter only cost £4.99 as against at least £15, and I did what the girl advised and bought the genuine blades, so I have been trying out cutting various thicknesses of fabric ever since.

Today I finished the handquilting of the Country Quilt and I am quite proud of my first go. At the moment I have got it in the armchair where I usually sit and it makes quite a cheerful addition to the room. If it gets any colder, then I have only to reach behind me and put it over my knees.

I’ve included the close up of the quilt so that in years to come I can say how much better I’ve got! Now comes the tricky part of deciding on my next project. On Monday I go to look after my mum who will have had surgery to replace a knee joint, so she wo’t be able to drive etc. I’m planning on taking my paints and my machine, and various bits of cloth, so something will come to me but at the moment I ‘m in that dreadful in between phase.

The latest news from Taiwan, where two of my sons are, is that is full steam ahead for the opening of their laguage school on the 6 Feb, an auspicious date! They have had a sign made for the front door, the broadband fitted, and a load of flyers to hand out. they already have some students signed up but obviously need more to make it viable. Their web-site is on my website page!

Finally, the weather has been so bright that I went for a walk and include a picture, just to bring a little cheer, oh, and I lost 2 1/2lbs this week so I might be slim for the summer yet.





32 thoughts on “Craftfair at Westpoint

  1. Great quilt! And nice photos. Take your camera to Bexhill! You could do a seaside quilt….fish and chips….lobster pots…..the Fishermen’s nets huts….the castle….I think that would be lovely….in fact sign me up for one now….it could have logos from some of the pubs in the old town too or the coats of arms.

  2. Your quilt is lovely – nice bright colours. Well done with the weight loss – it is hard, isn’t, but worth it. The Craft 4 Crafters show sounds good. Hope you have a good week.

  3. What an absolutely gorgeous quilt. You will not know what you did before you got your rotary cutter, I live and die by mine… and you got a fantastic bargain.

    *sits in the corner being pea green with envy* 🙂

  4. Love the country quilt – it’s absolutely beautiful. My Dad is having his knee done this week too – hope your Mum’s op goes well. Let me know if you have any tips. Dad is going to stay with friends when he comes out. We live a long way away and he doesn’t want to travel. Bit of a logistical nightmare. Take care – I’m sure your quilt will come into use in this freezing weather!

  5. The quilt is beautiful and all those goodies you bought. Westpoint is said to be excellent the problem is I would not have known where to start either.

    Well done to your sons lets hope it is a success for them a brave step.

  6. The quilt is gorgeous, wish I could do work that nice! Hope your Mom’s knee heals quickly, those surgeries sound involved to me, but I guess they are quite good at that stuff nowadays. Lucky that she has you to help!

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