Snowy Little Common

I left home at 9.45 this morning and had a very good drive over to Little Common where my mum lives. As you probably know by now, I’m over here to look after her following her replacement knee operation this Saturday. I arrived at 3pm and immediately set about clearing the drive of snow. However good she is when I fetch her from Crowborough tomorrow, she won’t feel like ice skating!
I was surprised by how much snow there is over here. It is all over the Downs at the back of Brighton and from there on I was in a different country.

The next thing I did, after phoning home, was to go next door to ask Dorothy if I could have her internet password so I could continue to write my blog, or rather, so as I could contact all the family, if need be! Luckily she said yes, so here I am.

Which is all a rather lengthy way of saying that I can’t seem to reply to the lovely comments you have made while I was driving over. I just sat down to look at my blog but for some reason, when I hit the ‘post reply’ button, my words just disappear into cyber space! I expect they will turn up somewhere but for the moment they are floating around the ether.

I’ve got to be up and around tomorrow morning by 9 am as apparently the window cleaner calls and also, mum’s friend Marion, is calling with a sat nav. for me to borrow. I just hope there is no more snow tonight as the weather forecast seemed to think there might be.

Well, that’s all for now. I’m going to read some of your blog sites and sort through my fabrics as I feel a quilt coming on. The photo is one I took at Lewes while I was waiting at a junction, so not very good. I’ll try for more tomorrow.



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