London Tote

Woke up to a glorious sunrise so I had to have a go at taking a photo. The results aren’t great but they do capture something of the moment. Marion came round as promised with the sat nav. but a phone call to mum soon elicited the fact that she wouldn’t be coming home today. Her physio is excellent but her wound is bleeding slightly so they want to get that right before she comes home.

Having got that news, I set about clearing the rest of the snow and then went into Little Common to buy some provisions for myself. It’s really lovely here and has quite a villagey feel to the shopping area. After lunch and another phone call to mum, I started looking through my fabrics, I wasn’t ready to make a quilt but I had a piece of the London fabric left over from Gwilym’s quilt. The result was this bag, the first I’ve made, and I’m jolly pleased with it. It’s fully lined and has cord side panels. I had a go at machine quilting and did some of the map details as the bag has a batting lining.





2 thoughts on “London Tote

  1. The sunrise looks like the back of someones eye at the opticians with the sun being the forvea (yellow spot)

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