A Short Walk

Today mum had another visitor, her friend from art classes, Berenice. It’s quite a social whirl, cards have been thrust through the door and the phone has rung constantly. It’s good to know mum has some very good friends. This afternoon, it was bright and sunny, so I made mum go for a walk outside, up the road. She did very well but is undoubtedly causing her a lot of pain and she can’t do one of the exercises she has been set.

On the quilting front, I made mum a new tea cosey as hers was looking rather sad. Some of you will recognise some of the fabric as left over from yesterday’s project and the rest were some bits of patchwork I had left over from an earlier quilt.

My daughter has been busy quilting too and made a super colourful quilt. No doubt you will see it soon on her website in it for the honey




13 thoughts on “A Short Walk

  1. It looks like the weather may be improving, at least the snow is disappearing. Best wishes to your mum.The tea cosy is a great idea, mmmm I think I’ll put the kettle on.

    Jan 🙂

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