Home again

I left mum on Friday morning, she is able to move around and can fix herself meals ( I cooked a load for the freezer before I left ) so I have no doubt she will now be able to cope. Her leg is still giving her pain but the repeat prescription she got from the doctors talks of a higher dose, so I think she will try that. She finished the anti coagulent medication so she should feel less sick etc.

I had a good drive home and did it in 5 hours 5 minutes, I would have been quicker but got stuck behind a lorry and tractor on the approaches to Honiton.

I haven’t done the quilt I intended as I was busy making things for mum however I did start to experiment with the Angelina fabric I got at the craft fair and some stencils that Marion gave me. Now I’m home I have realised that my first print making class is on Tuesday so I had better come up with some images to print pretty smartish.

We went to the ‘Toad’ on Saturday to celebrate my return. I found room for 3 courses and blow the consequences for the diet. Mind you, my stomach must have shrunk as it was quite a struggle to finish. I had a mussel chowder and garlic bread, liver with polenta chips etc and a to die for cinnamon pannecotta with prunes in brandy and shortbread. I can still taste it now!



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