Pass it on

According to his facebook entry, Gwilym has experienced his first earthquake in Taiwan. The epicentre seems to have been on the south of Taiwan Island, where he went to visit some of the family for New Year, so no danger or risk to the island of Penghu where they are based. Apparently it was like the dinosaur in Jurrasic Park, his coffee cup trembled with the vibration and the ground felt as if someone had put the spin dryer on, I don’t mean it was going round, just the vibrations. I assume all is well, we haven’t heard from them recently and our phone doesn’t appear to be working!

I have been to my printmaking class this week and just did a quickie to get myself back into doing dry point. I did three test prints, I have to do more work on the plate, but decided today that I would paint one of my test pieces. Here is the result!


It was beautifully sunny again today so I did more clearing in the garden. We are very lucky to have the recycling centre close by so I was able to take three bags of garden waste straight up there. The compost bins are absolutely choc-a-block and todays rubbish would not have rotted down anyway. The ‘tip’ is under new management, its very tidy up there and so far, no one has yelled at me so it has got to be an improvement.

Now, I’ve got to work out this Leibster thing ( seems a bit like a chain letter really ) so apologies if it doesn’t quite work out. I will do it as a separate blog. In the meantime, pay a visit to Hand made Monday


8 thoughts on “Pass it on

  1. Hello Annette. Another thing I have never tried, beyond potato printing when I was little. I have always loved lino cuts and things, perhaps I should enrol on a course. Fab to see you on Handmade Monday. Have a great week πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks everyone, as I said, they weren’t in any danger as they were on a tiny island called Penghu, just off to the west of Taiwan. Things seem to be going well with the school and generally life is good for them out there ( except for the lack of gyms!)

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