I have been doing some lino cuts in readiness for my evening class. I also found some old lino cuts and have been experimenting with hand colouring them. I think I will do some more work on them as clearly the cuts are rather crude.

It has been a fine day today so this afternoon I took myself off for a walk. Its funny, but I only have to get out of the routine of walking for a couple of weeks and its like I have never done any exercise!
Admittedly I was walking fairly quickly and didn’t stop at every gateway to admire the views but my legs feel now as if I had climbed the Matterhorn!

VJ phoned to brief me about what I should take to London on Thursday, I’m looking forward to it but feeling slightly trepidatious in case I let her down with my speech.


Artist’s proof.


9 thoughts on “Lino

  1. Your lino print is looking good. I’m sure your speech will be OK. I would be a nervous wreck!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog….I agree about the quilts, unless you charge mega bucks and have the right sewing machine!

  2. You’ll be fine! I wouldn’t have asked you to come along if I thought you couldn’t do it. I’m there to do all the talking anyway. You’re an extra pair of hands when necessary and to keep me company in the Travelodge. It’ll be fun I promise. Remember I’ve never even met this Josie girl who is working with us and she knows the gallery even less than you do! All 3 of us will have a good time together muddling along. Plus the cake is amazing!

  3. The shell is beautiful would love to see it printed, lino cutting takes me back to the deep dark days of O’levels, lol and the results are always so good

  4. There seems to be some confusion, some of you seem to think I will be making a speech, in fact I was bemoaning the fact that sometimes it takes me, what seems to me, to be ages to get the right words out. I had a stroke 3 years ago and that is one of the side effects. Its probably not as bad as I think but I used to talk so quickly, and on every subject, and make speeches at the drop of a hat so it seems really slow by comparisom. Anyway, enough about me, thankyou for your kind comments anyway.

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