Back from the grave!

Well, where have I been? I hear you ask. The truth is I just didn’t particularly feel like writing, no reason other than that, nothing seemed to inspire to put pen to paper, or in this case, to tap out words on my little glass screen.


Where to start?

After getting over my cold, which took a lot longer than expected, we started decorating the small bedroom, or rather Hywel did, in readiness for the conversion into a study come craft room. Yes, you heard right, I now have a designated space to work so watch out crafters ( for that is how we are known) here I come!




So, there it is, in all its glory. Not enough pictures on the wall yet but they will follow shortly.

On other fronts, I’m teaching Sean in the evenings to help him with his English and a more polite and hardworking pupil you could not find. If I could have had one pupil with his work ethic when I was teaching, it would have made the whole business worthwhile. I’m only sorry that I can’t help him more. His mother has been coming across to give me lessons in Chinese cookery, we had a delicious peanutty chicken dish this week. My mouth waters just writing about it.

I have been doing one or two bits in the garden but the return of the colder weather has rather dampened my enthusiasm. Still, I did manage to get a bag of potatoes planted on Good Friday, and everything is starting to bloom, especially the snakeshead frittilary, and the tulips. More about the flowers tomorrow.

I sold Laurie’s car today and I have someone coming to look at the Futon tomorrow. Gumtree is an amazing website, I heartily recommend it to anyone with things they want to get rid of.


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