The cinema

It was raining cats and dogs today so we decided to go to the cinema. Qun had been round last evening, cooking noodles and beef with tomatoes, and she had been asking me about British culture. I decided that immersion was far better than reading about it, so we invited Qun to go with us. We saw the latest Jo Nesbo film, The Headhunters, and jolly good it was too. It was sub- titled, so Qun and Hywel had no difficulty in following it. Qun even tried a coffee, before we went in, she said it was bitter but drank it all, so that was an extra cultural experience.

Sean went across to the pub tonight as we saw that they were advertising for staff as we drove past. I’ve no idea if he had a NI number or its equivalent, or how he got on. Hyw introduced him, and he has gone across to the pub this evening, so perhaps he will come back with news of how Sean got on.

Tomorrow we go to Bristol for a concert at the Colston Hall, stay with VJ in Bath and then return to Devon with VJ for a mini holiday, her and me, in Cornwall. Expect to see loads of paintings!


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